Custom Rug Padding


If you’re looking for more support and comfort under your feet and protection for your floors, consider adding extra padding beneath your rugs. Padding keeps rugs from slipping on hardwood floors, helps absorb extra noise, and protects floors from wearing prematurely while keeping fine dust and dirt on your rugs from being absorbed into your floors.


Three Protective Layers

We custom-cut our quality rug padding to perfectly fit your rug. Our Rug Wizard Pad is designed with three protective layers: a thermo-bonded surface, a synthetic fiber middle layer, and waffled latex backing. Together, these layers effectively increase comfort, absorb sound, and prevent grinding between the rug and floor. They’ll also make it easier for you to vacuum your rugs, as the padding prevents shifting, even on slippery floors!

Padding Benefits

Our environmentally-friendly rug padding is made in the U.S. and consists of 100% recycled and recyclable material. A built-in moisture deterrent backing protects floors from pet urine and other moisture.

Lifetime Warranty 

The Rug Wizard Pad comes with a lifetime warranty and can be cleaned in addition to your rugs.


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