Hazards to Hardwood


Hardwood floors are beautiful, but sometimes keeping them that way can seem like a challenge. Whether it has legs or wheels, furniture moving across the floor may easily leave scratches and wear away the finish. The same is true of high-heeled shoes and even your pets’ nails!


If you try cleaning your floors, make sure you’re not using harsh products that do more harm than good. Vinegar may strip away the hardwood’s finish, while bleach can eat straight through the floor. While rough brushes may seem like a good way to scrub away dirt, they can also scrub away the finish and result in exposed wood. Professional cleaning services are a good way to make sure your flooring is being handled safely.

Our Wood or Laminate Flooring Renewal Process 

Without creating any dust, our experts use a cleaner and revitalizer to prep your floors. Next, we use a machine to deep clean and buff the surfaces—minimizing or removing visible scratches and scuffs—before applying two coats of finish to make your floors shiny and durable and help minimize the appearance of footprints. You’ll be able to walk on your floors again after just 3-4 hours, and they’ll be protected for another 18-24 months!

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