Traditional Carpet Cleaning


Tired of seeing and touching your dirty carpets? Whether you have stains caused by kids or pets or would simply like your carpets thoroughly cleaned, we’re at your service. The experts at Springer Floor Care in Des Moines use industry-leading equipment, products, and techniques to clean all carpeted areas throughout your home. Our products are specially formulated to safely clean your carpeting, extend its life, and help restore its beauty and luster.



Our Process

Our flat, fixed rate (with no hidden charges) covers the cleaning process for all accessible carpeting around your house, including in hallways, on stairs, and throughout extra rooms. We start by inspecting carpeted areas and informing you of any problems that may require extra attention. Then, we can get to work!

Before we begin cleaning, we place protective guards at every wall corner. Then, we provide the appropriate treatment for your carpet’s needs, deodorize, and apply Scotchgard to preserve the surface and repel liquids. After this process is complete, we recheck all carpeted areas and “trouble spots” before giving the carpet a final fluff. 

Stay Forever Kleen™ 

Routine cleanings as part of our Forever Kleen™ program will keep your carpets looking brand new!

Our yearly program starts with an initial carpet cleaning, during which we move light furniture, clean underneath each piece, and place them on blocks to prevent damage to your carpet. This process typically takes about two hours from start to finish.

After the first cleaning, customers can sign up for visits at a lower-cost quarterly rate, which automatically include one cleaning every three months and unlimited spot and stain callbacks. Cleaning in high-traffic areas only takes one hour to complete during each scheduled service.

When you reach one year with the Forever Kleen™ program, your anniversary visit again consists of a full carpet cleaning at the quarterly price. There is a cancellation fee should you choose to end your contract early, but if you stick with the program, you never have to pay the initial cleaning fee again; the quarterly rate covers all following visits!

Ongoing cleanings are perfect for households with kids and pets, people who suffer from allergies, and anyone who wants to maintain spotless floors. Click the button below to learn more about pricing and schedule your Forever Kleen™ service!

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning

To determine the best way to clean your furniture, we’ll perform our own tests and may ask you questions about how long you’ve had your furniture, whether it’s been reupholstered, and what types of cleaners you’ve used on it, if any. We’ll carefully clean the fabric to remove soiling while avoiding altering the color, finish, or texture.

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