Cleaning With Care


Knowing how to properly protect and maintain the rugs in your home is key to keeping them in good shape for as long as possible. We understand that rugs can be large investments or hold sentimental value, so our professionals will handle your area rugs—regardless of the type—with great care, cleaning them individually by hand so they stay perfectly intact. Our relationships with Middle Eastern looms and several area rug weavers mean we can also restore your rug—in-house—if it’s in need of repair. We also offer free rug delivery and pickup on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Fibers in your rugs have teeth that can hold on to dust and dirt, eating away at the fibers and eventually causing them to tear; this is why it’s important to keep your rugs clean! Each year, rugs that get a lot of foot traffic should be lightly cleaned several times and professionally deep cleaned at least once. Rugs that experience little foot traffic should be cleaned every two to three years. Even if your rug doesn’t appear dirty, it still needs to be cleaned regularly to remove any dust and dirt that has built up over time.

Pet Stain & Odor Removal 

If something spills on your rug or your pet has an accident, don’t try to fix it by rubbing or scrubbing! This will spread the stain and push it deeper into the fibers. Instead, blot the liquid with a dry rag, starting from the outside and moving in towards the center as you work. Pet stains and odors can be difficult to remove completely, and animals will often return to the same location and have another “accident” if they can still smell their scent. Dogs also “sweat” through their hair follicles and paws, leaving oils and odors behind on your rugs. To get rid of these stains and odors, you may need to have your rug or carpet professionally cleaned.


Pest Problems 

Keeping your rug clean is key to avoiding a pest infestation. Certain species of moths can digest rug fibers, including silk, wool, and synthetic. If you have a rug made out of any of these fibers and don’t clean it regularly, it could be harboring insects. Vacuum and clean up food and liquid spills, as well as areas affected by pet accidents, immediately after they happen to avoid attracting unwanted creatures.

Be sure to have newly purchased rugs cleaned before bringing them into your home (especially if they’re used) to avoid bed bugs and other pest problems. If your rug is hand woven or delicate and you can’t seem to remove a stain or pet odor, you may need professional cleaning services.


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